Sabrina K. Carpenter is the founder of Perfected Pen & Poetry! She believes that, "The brightest lights shine from within", which is the foundation for her Spoken Word Poetry stage name, 'Fiyah Fly'.

She focuses on exemplary dedication to each and every

one of her clients and her business ethic is 2nd to none.

You can "see" her smile simply through her voice and she maintains a level of positivity that allows business relationships to flourish.

Sabrina has been a professional writer, editor, motivational speaker, virtual assistant, business manager, ghostwriter and spoken word poet for over 17 years. She prides herself

in her integrity, commitment and joy, which she brings to each and every person she encounters. 

Whether you are looking for a ghostwriter for your book,

a performer/speaker for your event, a virtual assistant for your business, or a writer & editor to perfect your professional image... Sabrina has you covered!

Her clients include a #1 NY Times best-selling author, an international real estate company, numerous universities, major corporations and good ol' mom-and-pop businesses.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, you can

be assured that Sabrina K. Carpenter's Perfected Pen is a resource you can't live without.



Phone: (772) 584-2451

"The Brightest Lights Shine fRom Within!"

About ME

​​Sabrina K. Carpenter


"Even an editor needs an editor sometimes! When I do,

I turn to Sabrina Carpenter. Sabrina knows how to make language come alive, then frame it with the perfect

format to complement the message visually. She is skilled, fast, dependable, professional — and a joy to work with. Sabrina, I am so grateful for you and your Perfected Pen!"

                  --Jennifer Read Hawthorne, inspirational speaker and #1 bestselling author and editor, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul


“Easily one of the most dynamic, authentic and keenly insightful presenters I’ve seen in the world of transformational speakers, author Sabrina K. Carpenter packs a whale of a wallop in a 90-minute presentation.

By living her life as a "value-added" brand in today's competitive global marketplace, she transmits hope, leading her audience to discoveries beyond their imagination. Sabrina says what’s in her heart. Her

listeners feel it in her words. Drawing on her formative years and big-picture-entrepreneur experiences, she zeroes in on empowerment. And, it’s the real deal. She’s the master of not only creating, but sustaining inner drive.”

                          -~ Leona DeRosa Bodie, Author of the award-winning thriller Shadow Cay, as well as Vice President of the Florida Writers Association and Group Leader for the Palm City Word Weavers


"After Sabrina Carpenter spoke to PCWW (Palm City Word Weavers), I contacted her for some help with the book I am writing. Since last summer, I've been coached

by her every few weeks. I  had some reservations. She

was younger than any of my children.  I felt pretty awkward.  But, she has helped me with my writing

more than anyone else in forty years.

She is sensitive, insightful and a gifted teacher.  I've been able to add elements to my writing that I had always fumbled with in the past. In spite of her youth, her technical knowledge is impeccable. She has the rare

talent of being a motivator, in a hugely positive way! 

Her spirit seems to find the positive note in me, resonates with it and moves it to a place where I am communicating much more effectively.  She has been a joy to work with!"

                           --Dale Simpson, Author of Sober and Miserable


"The GED graduates at Indian River Correctional Institution learned a great deal from guest speaker, Ms. Carpenter, as she spoke to them about the power of choice and emphasized the fact that they do indeed have a choice in their decisions each day, even while incarcerated.  She shared personal stories of trials and triumphs she has endured in her own life, and she connected in a way that will make a lasting impact on the graduates and staff."  

                              --Kevin Sawnick, Special Education Teacher and Former Mayor of Vero Beach


"Fiyah Fly was everything you could want in a

performer! I was immediately blown away...her stage presence captured the audience...Sabrina (Fiyah Fly) was laid back, easy to work with, and spent time after the show with the audience.
Strength and energy...amazing!"

                         ~~Elisabeth M., Southern New Hampshire University